• We strive to place the best caregiver but since they are just human too, we can not guarantee perfect placement at all time as we can not predict the intent or what the person is thinking. Many factors can contribute to any changes in a good working relationship. What we can guarantee is REPLACEMENT within the year, if unexpected termination of employment happens.

  • We follow strict assessment procedure but there is no way of telling what could happen in the future.

  • In any case such as quitting for whatever illogical reason, A - Class Nannies & Caregivers Inc. will not be held liable.

  • A - Class Nannies & Caregivers Inc. does not advise any caregiver to quit the job, their decision usually comes from influences of their friends or other people and not from A - Class Nannies & Caregivers Inc.

  • Upon successful placement, the caregiver becomes your employee. Both employee and employer has role to play to maintain a healthy working relationship. In cases like misunderstanding, or any unfavorable events in the future, ACN will not be held accountable nor accept any blame.

  • A - Class Nannies & Caregivers Inc. encourages all the caregivers to resolve issues first and talk with their employer before making any decision. What we provide are general guidelines, but it is not in our policy to decide for the employer or the employee.

  • The employer and the employee are both given the chance to talk and discuss with one another the employment needs and conditions before signing any contract. Once contract is signed, it is clear that both parties have understood everything.

  • Our responsibility is to find suitable placement for the family and work for the nanny. We looked at the applicants qualification and experiences and then match it to the familiesí criteria. The decision of choosing is still up to the employer. Therefore, A - Class Nannies & Caregivers Inc. will not be liable for any problems in the future.

  • Part of the screening process is the phone interview between the employer and employee, and if available (locally), there is a personal interview. A - Class Nannies & Caregivers Inc. only sends those who we feel are capable to do the job and the final decision is still up to the employer.

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