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April 2, 2006

Time: 3:00 pm


Venue: Group Hang Out, Surrey



Summer Sports Event: Volleyball tourney and cheering squad

Dinner, favorite Filipino dish

 March 5, 2006 Time:3:00 pm
  Venue: Suite 1500, 15th Floor, 701 West Georgia St. Vancouver

Topic/Activity: Immigration Seminar

To be conducted by immigration consultant/s from APC and CICA Co. Ltd.


  • Do you have questions about sponsorship?

  • Are you planning to travel outside Canada? Learn what you should do first or after you leave Canada.

  • Do you know if you can study or not while on the work permit?

Get all your immigration questions ready. This is your chance to ask and learn important information about immigration.


  Upcoming events that need final schedule:
  • Thinking about pursuing a caregiving career and be a care aide? This is your chance to see how it is like working in a senior's home. There will be a tour in one of Vancouver's finest nursing homes.
  • Volunteer your time for the elderly or be a companion for a day.
  • Do you want to learn crafts that can be a revenue generating past time in the future? One of our talented members will be teaching us how to make world class beads creations, perfect for give aways, gifts, etc.

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