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Time to warm up. Get in shape for summer's volleyball tourney. Form your mighty team now and register. To those who prefer to cheer for the team....let's hear your rah rahs and shake your pompoms, presenting: The Cheering Contests.

Suggest an activity or share a talent or skills.

Do you know of a certain skill or past time that you wish to share or teach to fellow members? If yes, please contact CareBuddies at 778.891.2720


Calling all our A-Class Nannies from 1997 to present!


Wondering where the first batches are? Mostly are permanent residents now or waiting for their permanent resident status, but we would like to meet you. Share us tips and stories. Introduce us to your family. Or just have some fun with us. We would like to know how you've been.

There will be a GRAND REUNION in summer, to be hosted by A-Class Nannies and Caregivers in cooperation with the CareBuddies! Club. Please contact us for detail. Hope to see you there.

Contact CareBuddies! at 778.891.2720

or email us at carebuddies@aclassnannies.com


You can also contact A-Class Nannies and Caregivers Inc.

@ 604.780.0344

email: care@aclassnannies.com




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