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March 12, 2006

Surrey, BC

3:00 p.m.


Thanks to the generosity and kind offer of Mr. David Coxall, the CareBuddies gang now has a temporary hang out for weekends. He offered his house to be used for emergency meetings, "hide-out ng barkada", place to get together to have fun, play, chat, relax, to grow, learn, laugh, etc....


"Lumpia Moment"

March 5, 2006

The gang met up at 3:00 pm, Surrey at Mr. C's house. I (Jen), was late...at least I have an excuse.. I'm a busy mom.. (hehehe, soon, this excuse will no longer work). When we got there, well they have started their mini lesson -- how to make lumpia. We chatted and asked how was everyone's week at work. After half an hour, well dinner was served. We all feasted on the hot, crunchy lumpia with Spanish Rice. But before that, we had the dessert first, apple pie and ice cream, yum yum. A little more chat, a little bit of laugh....then it was time to clean up the mess that we have made at the kitchen. Soon enough, it was time to say goodbye again...it was almost 6:00 pm and tomorrow is another busy day.


March 5, 2006

Pacific Center Mall

701 West Georgia St. Vancouver

3:00 pm


2nd Monthly meeting. It was just a brief and relaxed get-together. We have missed some of our friends who did not make it because of personal commitments. So the attendees talked about the volunteering opportunities, about the group hang out, regular gimmicks and many more. We asked about each others' week at work and all other things. We welcomed a new member, Jovita.



February 5, 2006

701 West Georgia St. Vancouver

3:00 pm


We would like to thank everyone who have attended our very first get together. Thank you for the time you have spent with us last Sunday, February 5. We would also want to thank you for giving the CareBuddies a chance to share its visions, goals and dreams with you. We hope to have a lasting friendship with you all.

Meet n' Greet

It was a relaxing and exciting start as everyone smiled and talked with each other, even though it was the very first time we have met one another. At 3:30 pm, we started by getting to know more about the CareBuddies and what it hopes to achieve for each member, over muffin and coffee. At the end of the session, each attendee got the chance to share their own views and experiences. It has agreed on that the regular meeting will be held every first Sunday of each month.

We hope to have more get together like this. It was a fun way to get away from the stress of full week of work. See you on the next meeting.



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